Our Programs

Our programs are grounded in leading research and best-practices, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each learner community.

Miss Tech

Technology field particular computer science remains one of the sectors in which girls still have difficulty integrating well and finding fulfillment in this expanding professional opening.

Africa Code Week

“It takes an empowered village to raise a child in the digital age”: We empower youth and their teachers across the African continent with 21st century skills.

Eskills 4 Girls

The G20 #eSkills4Girls initiative aims at tackling the existing gender digital divide in particular in low income and developing countries. The goal is to globally increase the access of women and girls in the digital world and to boost relevant education and employment opportunities.

Digital Skills on the wheels

Digital Skills on the wheels is a mobile training center equipped with trainers, computers, tablets which will allow us to reach a great number of youth and women in rural areas. With a mission to reduce digital gap and reach those who have no access to new technologies.

Summer Code Club

During summer, we introduce kids between ages 10-18 to Arduino tutorials that bring together craft, electronics, and programming.

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