Miss Tech Burundi 2019 closure ceremonies: Highlights

Natacha NDUWIMANA, Burundi ambassador of Africa Code Week and Co-Founder of Burundi Innovation Hub said that Burundi needs the young generation with the best skills in this fourth industrial revolution.

Regarding Africa Code Week, Natacha NDUWIMANA said that the trained team in digital skills has trained over 13560 youth with digital skills. She goes on to thank SAP and UNESCO YouthMobile who have been very supportive from day one. She further mentioned that this initiative has created direct and indirect jobs for so many and has inspired a few training businesses.

BiHub and Africa Code Week hold this annual event in partnership with local companies such as HigherLife Foundation, Etc and some foreign companies such as SAP, UNESCO YouthMobile, Global Peace Chain, etc.

he legal representative of UNESCO, Mrs. Josephine Ntahobari, thanked Natacha Nduwimana and BiHub efforts to help young people to get ahead with the digital skills knowledge. She said that UNESCO is at work to help young people to cope with their life’s challenges and to better promote the education of the young people in Burundi.

The Director of King School Bujumbura, Mrs. Liz, also took the floor to thank Burundi Innovation Hub for their stepped up efforts to help the young children at their school to get the coding skills using coding software called Scratch.

The representative of UN Women in Burundi, Mrs. Kouakou, thanked all who made it possible to hold this event. She said that UN Women fights for gender equality and against social discrimination against women.
UN Women representative added that women need to be digitally capable and cope well with today’s world challenge.

On the international level, UN Women said that Burundian women have to be well equipped when it comes to the Information and Communication Technologies via these events such as Miss Technology, etc.
The UN Women relayed the message to women and girls to ‘dispel any fear’ and to fight ahead in the digital era. She also announced a new initiative by UNWOMEN called Burundian Girls Can Code to empower girls with digital skills and pleaded full support to BIHUB.

Source : Region Week

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